Lambert believes the Swans can turn things around

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Former Liverpool striker Ricky Lambert is confident the former club will turn things around and perform well again this season.

         “Reds” are in the top 10 of the table at the moment. Currently, 14 points behind Arsenal, the top team, despite playing one ufabet game less, Lambert still believes that the “Reds” can turn the situation back.

         “This might be the first time he’s made a mistake. with not bringing in enough players in the summer,” Lambert said. “I don’t want to criticize too much. The way they compete with Manchester City is more than belief.

         “The fact that we haven’t been able to keep up this year is a bit of a concern but it’s understandable. I think we will be back I think we’ll finish second. We have the potential to win 10 or 15 games to turn the situation around.”

         “I think Arsenal made a great start. But I think they know how difficult it is to score more than 90 points, Manchester City are going to do it easily again.

He added: “I said last time that I trust in the way Liverpool do it. I said if we could get any player then it would be a midfielder and Bellingham would be top of the list.

“But we are not Man City, we cannot do that. We have to trust in the process. Man City are Man City.

“We’ve gone above and beyond to compete against this team, this squad and this manager.

“Eventually you are going to have natural dips. We have to rebuild, maybe strengthen in the areas we’ve said.

“We can’t do it as often as we like, but we come again maybe next year or the year after.

“I’m still hoping we are strong in the cups, but we are out of the league this year.”