Mourinho mocks ‘failed sharks of the Champions League’ in a dig at his old rivals Barcelona and Juventus

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Jose Mourinho, head coach of Roma, is still eloquent. Interviewed after yesterday’s Europa League game, ironic that those past opponents throughout his career such as Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Atletico Madrid or AC Milan, who have tried to play in the Champions League, but may come down to mix dust cup

‘ Rome Wolves ‘ were just off their 1-1 draw with Real Betis in Europa League Group C on Thursday. Makes the current situation with only 4 points from 4 matches , 3 points behind second place Ludogorets ufabet.

The chances of finishing second to the next round for the play-offs against the third-placed Champions League teams that will fall is very high. This work, the Portuguese boss cuts a honey-bath razor at those camps like – spoiling – 

 ” At the moment I see Betis as the favorites for the Europa League , ” Mourinho said.  

“ But the good-natured fella from the Champions League who will join in the play-off round. As a result, the championship will be more difficult. ” 

“ They don’t deserve to come down in the dust. But this is what actually happened. It would be fun. It’s going to be a duel for the failed person from the PSC .”

Mourinho used to be Real Madrid coach , so he has ‘ Barca ‘ and ‘ Attag ‘ as opponents , while currently in charge of Roma, equal to all Serie A camps is the plaintiff .  

At the end of the group stage, the 3rd – ranked team in each group will play-off as the away team and the 2nd -placed team in the Europa League group stage.  

Currently competing in 4 matches, Atletico Madrid are 3rd in Group B , Barcelona in 3rd Group C , AC Milan in 3rd Group E and Juventus in 3rd Group H.