Netizens make fun of Barcelona ‘s chest, kicking the Glacier, copying Sheffield Wednesday

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Barcelona, ​​apart from their low-performing results this season, have also become a social media joke when their special El Clasico jersey this weekend was accused of going to the Sheffield Wednesday team. English minor league level as a sponsor

The story began as ‘ Barca ‘ acquired ‘ Spotify ‘ , an influential online music streaming sponsor, as a shirt sponsor. Therefore, there is an idea to connect the ‘ Gule ‘ fan base and music listeners. Let’s come together to open the experience of watching football matches ufabet stop the world together.  

The famous streaming service brought in ‘ Drake ‘ , a Canadian rapper artist. With over 120 million followers on Instagram Come join hands.  

The result is a home shirt ‘ Pig Blood – Blue ‘ with the artist’s owl logo. His face has the symbol ‘ Ovio Record ‘ of his camp.  

However, social media fans have mocked the jersey because the ‘Ovio Records’ cat logo is almost identical to the original club crest of the English League One team Sheffield Wed. Let’s be inspired  

This event has been teased by many saying, ” Since when did Sheffield Wednesday become a sponsor of Barcelona ? ” or ” Barcelona helps the public relations of the Sheffield Wednesday club “

The Drake -like ‘ cat outline ‘ logo was used by Sheffield Wednesday between 1973-1995 , then rested, then re-used in 1999-2016  for more details.

The current logo is the original one that was first used in 1956.