Van Dijk urged Swan to top form to stop sailing

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Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has said the team will have to do their best to stop Manchester City’s aggressive attacking clash against Manchester City on Sunday.

         “Reds” show great form with a 7-1 demolition of Rangers before going on the field in a big game ufabet to open home against “Sailboat”. Which was seen as a duel between Van Dijk and Erling Haalaand can decide the result of the match. But the Holland defensive line pointe out.

That it is a team meeting rather than just two players

         “It’s not easy – he’s hot as fire. You can’t say anything more. I remember after the Community Shield game that many people dropped his name. I remember saying,

‘Listen, this guy is going to be a nightmare for many defenders’.”

         “He has shown He has shown a consistent level of play and it is clear that in a team like City there are always opportunities.”

         “We tried to stop the ball going towards him. Defend at the highest level and do your best. That’s what we did against City and it won’t be any different on Sunday.”

         “That’s what we’re looking forward to. That created that kind of battle. One-on-one duels We have to stop scoring their goals. No matter who is on the field. But we know he’s doing well.”

No matter who is on the field. But we know he’s doing well

         When aske if Haaland is the best in the world. Van Dijk say: “Wow I know he scores a lot of goals with fun and that’s really important to win the game and that’s what it shows. “

         “He’s a very good goalscorer. Let it be and hopefully we can stop him from scoring on Sunday. We have to do our best to do that.